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Large changes in the steel industry during the re-adapt to the productivity of the relations of production

Date:2014-11-28 11:02:07

Yong said in an interview with reporters a few days ago, the current low price of steel industry into profit, overcapacity, weak demand for the characteristics of the new norm, has to re-adapt to the changes in the relations of production period of productivity.

Yu Yong said that since September this year, steel prices have dropped to the lowest level in nearly 11 years, the business faced unprecedented challenges. "At present, the steel companies feel the external environment is getting worse, more and more pressure, faced with the dual challenge of survival and development. But this does not mean that steel companies came to an end, but the steel industry has to really big change period. "

Yu Yong said that since the reform and opening up, the steel industry has conducted a number of reforms to explore, but also the fastest growing equipment and scale, philosophy, market-oriented process is lagging behind. This presented a gradual integration with the international technology and equipment and other "productivity" level, but in the concepts, models, structure, mechanisms and other "relations of production" level not contradictory with suitable. If you do not completely solve the problem of iron and steel enterprises, "relations of production" can not meet the "productivity" development needs to continue to hold the traditional mindset and business model hold, it is difficult to survival and development.

How to deal with the new changes in the industry occur? Yu Yong believes that "operating mode, institutional obstacles managed to overturn the planned economy and the high profitability of curing down and catch up in terms of cost structure, technology, product structure and the distribution system and management system, such as the gap, and comprehensively promote market-oriented reform, as much as possible to the Chief, with huge market potential and the means to stimulate the vitality of enterprises hidden, steel enterprises to cope with the current difficulties, to achieve a fundamental change of path reborn. "

Yu Yong said, to play the guiding and leverage the distribution system, the configuration of the best people, the best resources, the most favorable treatment tilted to the production, technology, marketing line, adapt to the new norm of the industry.

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