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November 11 morning news Steel City Courier

Date:2014-11-10 17:23:52

October CPI fell by industrial PPI was up the risk of deflation appear

November 10, the National Bureau of Statistics released data show that since the September total national consumer price index (CPI) fell to 2% or less, October CPI held steady at 1.6 percent, a new low of nearly four years. In the industrial producer price index (PPI), the October not only the continuation of more than 30 months of negative growth, down 2.2 percent year on year to expand. Lian Ping, chief economist at Bank of Communications, told reporters from the current serious excess capacity upstream and downstream manufacturing industry remains weak situation, PPI is hard for positive momentum in the short term, the risk of deflation industry need to be vigilant.

Increasing the pressure at the end of the steady growth of investment in infrastructure development and reform commission overweight

PPI yesterday released 32 consecutive months of negative growth, CPI continued to run low below 2%, and the market is expected Thursday October upcoming investment and industrial production growth is also difficult to improve the economic downward pressure remains high. In this context, intensive NDRC approval within 16 month of the new expansion of railway, five airports, with a total investment amount of nearly 700 billion yuan. In addition, the earlier the NDRC approved the three UHV also on November 4 officially started, the total investment of 68.3 billion yuan. Currently running low CPI, PPI continued negative growth, the threat of inflation has turned the threat of deflation.

Economic growth slowed in the third quarter 102 City 5-year low record number of job seekers

Recently, the "analysis of the third quarter of 2014 in some cities the public employment service agency market supply and demand situation," released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social display, 102 cities nationwide number of job seekers in the third quarter of this year was only 3.86 million, the lowest level since 2009. In this regard, Human Resources and Social Department, said, "This shows that the number of job seekers showed a decreasing trend in the market." In addition, the "analysis" also shows that the third quarter of this year, the human resources market and employment growth in demand also shrank trend. Ding and construction analysis, weakening labor demand growth should be concerned with the current economic slowdown.

South Korea FTA will soon fall into the highest gold content of bilateral trade agreements

November 10, Chinese President Xi Jinping and South Korean President Park Geun-hye met in Beijing, the two sides confirmed the end of the China-ROK FTA substantive negotiations. After the meeting, the two leaders witnessed, the Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao and South Korean Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Yoon Sang straight, representing the two governments signed the end of substantive negotiations ROK FTA meeting minutes. "End substantive negotiations means that both parties in sensitive areas and sensitive issues have reached a consensus to establish a free trade zone only to be signed by both sides to implement the relevant documents." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher 赵江林 Asia, said in an interview with reporters zhengbao .

Global central banks: the market will tighten policy carefully

Global central bankers said that with the exit stimulative monetary policy, financial market turmoil may again. Yellen said that the normalization of monetary policy may exacerbate financial market volatility. And Carney said that the transition may be very bumpy. These comments show that compared to 2013, the central bank officials are to exit the unconventional monetary policy do better prepared. 2013, when he was unexpectedly Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke hinted that the Fed may soon begin to reduce the size of the purchase debt. This has pushed up US bond yields, the global investor panic.


India's steel imports from China doubled the number of domestic steel prices appeal to raise tariffs

According to Reuters, as the Prime Minister Modi aggressively promoting infrastructure, India's steel consumption is expected to grow next year, the fastest pace in five years, but the lack of raw materials means that India will be at the expense of another important goal - to control the cost of imports. Modi had on the previous government in the general election, while the export of iron ore for steel imports practice raised criticism. But he became the first Prime Minister of India after five months, the situation happened to run into growth in both iron ore and steel imports, affecting he wants India to become a major exporter of determination. Although India has sufficient capacity to meet their needs, but it is from April to September on steel imports from China more than doubled from a year earlier.

Rio Tinto CEO: do not worry about maintaining plans to increase iron ore prices

Global mining giant Rio Tinto chief executive Walsh (SamWalsh) told Reuters in an interview that the company is not worried about falling prices for iron ore, plans to increase production to maintain. 92% of the company's revenue comes from the iron ore trade. Walsh said the company is confident to improve shareholder returns at the time of the annual results announcement in February, adding that the goal is not going to cut capital spending announced last year's $ 8 billion in 2015. Iron ore spot prices up to February 2013 when $ 160 per ton, now tumbled 40 percent, hit five-year low of $ 75. Some analysts expect next year to fall to a lower level, because the momentum of the Chinese economy, though weakened, major mining companies continue to oversupply the market supply.

Seven ministries issued hundreds of billions of coal-fired boilers in the market will start

After coal, coal-fired industrial boilers will become the main battlefield air pollution control. November 6, the National Energy Board, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection and other seven ministries jointly issued a "comprehensive energy saving coal-fired boiler upgrade project implementation plan", plan to 2018, the promotion of efficient boilers 500,000 tons, out of 40 coal-fired boilers backward million tons, 400,000 tons of energy-saving and improve operational efficiency of coal-fired industrial boilers 6 percent plan to save 40 million tons of standard coal. According to "program" the goal will be extended to 2018 500 000 tons of steam boiler efficiency, eliminate backward 400,000 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, the completion of energy-saving 400,000 tons of steam. Forced under environmental pressure, coal-fired industrial boiler industry ushered in by coal clean, alternative route into the main energy saving technology revolution, will give rise to several hundred billion dollars of reconstruction, operation market.

BDI index fell due to larger vessels and freight rates

November 10 - Baltic Exchange Dry Freight Index fell on Monday, due to larger vessels and freight rates. Dry bulk freight index fell 19 points, or 1.32 percent, reported 1,418 points. The Baltic's capesize index fell 48 points, or 1.31 percent, to 3,613 points. Average daily earnings fell $ 472 to $ 26,287. Baltic Panamax freight index fell 15 points, or 1.27 percent, reported 1,168 points.

Housing prices in October attitude to take to improve market performance in the fourth quarter or continue warming

Select the report Vanke, Evergrande, Poly, in the sea, green, Wanda, Country Garden, Shimao, Greentown, financial record which 10 ward level, track their monthly purchase size, price, housing sales volume, prices, and other data structures and analysis. The report shows that October 10 ward rate market performance last month, a slight turn for the better, adding significantly increase the total area of land reserve, the floor price basically stable; housing turnover, turnover slightly improved. Expected to follow market activity will continue to increase gradually.

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